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Alexandria Marie Compo is an interdisciplinary illustrator and designer, working in New York.

Her work is invested in whimsical portrayals of nature’s ordinary yet consequential lessons, through the use of narrative and allegory. She works in a variety of traditional and digital media in the areas of painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and animation.


She credits the inspiration for her work to unconventional and nomadic childhood experiences and their backdrop against the St. Lawrence River, the Pocono and Adirondack Mountains, Lake Ontario and the snow-laden region of the Tug Hill Plateau. Consequently, she is a diligent student of the natural world and themes of growth, transformation and symbiosis frequent her work.

Alexandria holds a full-time position as a multimedia designer. She is also pursuing a career in children’s publishing and seeking representation.







Art media: I dabble in a variety of media and subject matter, but my favorite tools are watercolor, gouache and colored pencil.

Family: A cat named Cricket and a rabbit named Pinecone.

Pastimes: Reading, travel, photography, petting all the animals, yoga, writing/songwriting, looking at neat bugs, talking to weird people.

Colors: Yellow, green, pink... also, all the colors.

Pipe Dreams: Photojournalist for National Geographic, Astrophysicist, Botanist, Stop-motion animator, Concert Pianist, Zoologist, Poet Laureate, Entomologist, a person whose job it is to come up with names for paint swatches.

Food: Mashed potatoes, all day. I never don't want them. I probably have a potassium deficiency.

Categories: Western Astrology—Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon, Leo rising. In Chinese—Earth Dragon. Element—Air, HP House: Ravenclaw, Myers-Briggs: INFJ, only child, type-b(ish), general lone wolf.

Season: Spring! It's a complete experience of renewed life.

Places: I would love to visit India, Iceland, Tuscany, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco (or anywhere—it's all of interest).

Animals: Current favorites, subject to change: African Wild Dog, Sheep (all varieties), Axolotl, Spectacled Bear, Bactrian Camel, Rosy Maple Moth, Raccoons, Mangalitsa Pig, and the Highland Cow.

Smells: Freshly cut grass, fresh soil, rain (pre, during and post), dead leaves, campfire, lilacs, freshly cut wood.

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